WFU WFDD Radio Station

Edwin Bouldin was commissioned by Wake Forest University to adapt a 1900 farmhouse—the last remaining vestige of what was once a farm before becoming a campus—into the University’s new radio station.  The program resulted in a high tech addition to include: On-Air Studio, Production Studio, Large Studio and Editing Studio.  The key items of the program to be solved were the relationship of the new technical wing to the existing farmhouse and the acoustical problem caused by the close proximity of the track and field stadium.


The Architect incorporated the angles needed for acoustical reverberation and sound quality into the design of the studio interiors and the exterior.  The large studio for live performances is connected to the farmhouse by a low roofed link that contains the Editing, Engineer, On-Air and Production Studios.  The interior ceilings of the studios were sloped for best reverberation and acoustical effects.  The studio windows requested by the Owner allows a person “on the board” to see outside while “on-the-air.”