Blue Ridge Parkway Residence

Located near the Blue Ridge Parkway and the arts community of Floyd, Virginia, this 1960's prefab-looking rural residence was never once considered a “teardown” by its new owners, but a structure with good bones, worth recycling, yet desperately in need of the care and creativity.  The architect created a wooden sculptural entry to bookend the existing shapes and roof pitches.  The rehab and iconic entry prow demonstrates the flexibility of wood and reflects the philosophy of the project and the craftsman/owner who turns discarded limbs and stumps into utilitarian bowls.


The program called for a prominent entry, full bath, laundry room, expanded upstairs bedroom, and circulation from new entry to the existing living room and stairs without having to go through the kitchen.  The architect created a cascading entry deck and sculptural prow that serves as an outside mudroom where walking sticks are kept, boots and hiking gear can be removed, and "welcomes and good-byes" made.  The existing “back door” entry became a window and a new entry door was added beneath the prow.  A new bathroom, hallway, observation room (for watching deer, foxes, and turkeys while enjoying a cup of tea), and south deck completed the addition.