Wake Forest Birthplace Society

Today the new museum preserves the heritage of the region, the town, and the area that birthed Wake Forest University.  The museum is located in The Wake Forest Historic District, east of the c.1820 Calvin Jones House (birthplace of Wake Forest College).  Vernacular outbuilding forms were used in designing the museum/visitor center. 


Edwin Bouldin Architect PA followed The Wake Forest Historic District Design Guidelines and Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation in order to obtain a Certificate of Appropriateness.    The owner’s program included exhibit spaces related directly to the college and artifacts bridging town and gown; a reception area for concerts and gatherings; a multipurpose room; archival/office spaces; and catering kitchen. 


The siting of the 7,000 square foot museum building retained the house’s existing plantings allowing an existing fountain, garden, and walkway southwest of the house to flow into new landscaping at the museum west entrance.  A new ramp at the Calvin Jones house’s existing east entry made the historic house first floor accessible for visitors to and from the museum.  The visitor entry was located near the new parking lot and drive with accessible parking.  The east entry allowed for access to restrooms by student groups before going into the multi-purpose room for an interpretive film.  The reception area is designed for display, concerts, and lectures.  The close proximity of archival space allows limited staff to control both exhibit hall entry and archival spaces.